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Our history

Little Stork, a very feminine brand with a cocooning design, was founded by 2 daddies full of creativity!

In 2004, Ben & Fred embarked on the Little Stork Adventure. Their common points? Two family fathers who live at 200 per hour, in an ultra-connected environment, both in their professional and personal lives.

Several moving events activated an immediate and strong awareness: electromagnetic waves have detrimental effects on the Human body and are particularly harmful to the good development of our children.

They decided to take advantage of the awaking of the scientific community and the few echoes in the French media to give young parents access to the anti-wave clothings.

From its development in the belly of Mom to its early days, the anti-wave clothings of Little Stork protects baby throughout its first moments of life.


Fred, Co-founder and General Director

I have always had an attraction for innovative concepts, those involved in the development of the world of tomorrow. I also believe that, through my professional background and my studies, I have always known that electromagnetic waves impact in one way on our environment. Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Starting from there, the electromagnetic waves influence us.
The decisive factor was the awareness of the pathology of my oldest son, who is autistic. Obviously, there is no evidence that electromagnetic waves are playing a role in autism. However, many elements of our environment that we thought harmless ended up being especially harmful: yesterday asbestos, today the endocrine disruptors… All this participated in dysfunctions, pathologies, or even malformations, which our children and their organism are the victims in the first place.

Ben, Co-founder and Commercial Director

We had a very touching meeting with a 60-year-old woman when we were in Morocco. She was an electro-sensitive person. She was obliged to isolate herself from her children and her own city.
We shared a very long moment of exchange, an enriching gathering. Her electro-sensitivity was very difficult to live with, but living far from his children and grandchildren was her greatest pain. Following this meeting, we realized that our anti-wave solutions had to intervene at the genesis of the Human being, in the belly of the mother until the birth. In 2011, we found a textile that reproduces the principle of the Faraday Cage. We use it today in all our products to protect mothers and babies from electromagnetic waves.
In 2014, we launched Little Stork, an ambitious project that gives us the opportunity to expose who we really are.

Expert Opinion:

Today, we are certain that children are more exposed than adults because of their morphological and anatomical differences. They are not small adults.
- Olivier Merckel Head of Risk Assessment of New Technologies at ANSES.