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Because the harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves are not yet well known by all, Little Stork is committed to offer you innovative textiles, always with personalized advice to better understand the electromagnetic fields and understand their health issues.

Our Mission?

It is very simple. From anti-waves pregnancy belts to trendy sleeping bags, Little Stork protects our babies throughout their biological development.

Our solution?

Safe protection against exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

To protect you from the waves that surround you every day, the anti-wave protection fabric is composed of 10% copper and silver metallic fibers, which allows to reproduce the principle of the Faraday cage: a metal enclosure creates a simple barrier to all the magnetic fields that are now part of our environment (DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, beams, mobile phone waves, etc.).

And the fabrics then?

The anti-wave protection fabrics used for our products are currently the only one to enclose these metal wires in a polyurethane sheath, thus avoiding any risk of accidental poisoning to these components.They have successfully passed the Oko-Test, which guarantees its hypoallergenic characteristics.

Finally, thanks to the fineness of its mesh, the anti-wave guard fabric guaranteed 99.5% of shielding efficiency and protection against all frequencies, even the highest. It is also used and recognized in high-risk sectors such as telecom, hospitals and the military.

But what are the health risks of electromagnetic waves on our children?

Children are much more exposed than adults because of their morphological and anatomical specificities. Notably because of their small size and the characteristics of some of their nervous tissues. The brain of the child is not left behind, the electromagnetic waves hinder the development of their nervous system. ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety) concluded that radiofrequency exposure could affect the well-being of children and their congestive functions (memory, executive functions and attention).

Discover everything you need to know about the health risks of electromagnetic waves and how it is possible to easily protect themselves on our blog.